We are going through one of the biggest crisis of mankind faced in last century. This is one of the rarest, toughest and interesting time which demands the rule book to be rewritten. We are facing a unprecedented challenge not only from health and safety prospective but this has brought to us at an economical cross road and we need to work together to face the economic uncertainty that has been thrown to us by the unprecedented event you call it as fate or luck.
This pandemic has brought many challenges in front of us, and social distancing is considered to be the only option today to address those challenges. However, some of the challenges pertaining to economics, commerce and business are as follows.
1. Most of the industries except few operating in the healthcare industry has already facing a negative production
2. The business and economy is shrinking day by day, the present GDP of India is 0.8.
3. The next 6 months are very crucial for India as we are going to hit badly by this pandemic

The whole humanity is suffering and sooner or later we will find the solution to this pandemic. However, this is going to leave some deep permanent scars, which is going to change our lives forever.
Amidst this pandemic situation all over world most of the companies prefer work from home most of IT companies has taken major decisions in same direction. Companies which are under essential services are not that work from friendly because of the field work which is not software based and due to some confidentiality which employee cannot access from home.
Although experimental work can’t be done from home but we can control and monitor some part of work through software from home through official and eligible access. Qdiasys here provide the answer for the new working style with our expertise in software as per the requirements of clients so that they can access the work from home up to some extent because it is so much demanding practice in current situation. Also our team members are always available for troubleshooting at backend.

Let’s enter the new and safe world of corporate working culture.


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